Some of the viewpoints and recommendations presented by the Global Youth Climate Action Initiative (Climate Action Group) Bauchi State Nigeria.

During the public hearing of Bauchi State House of Assembly on Bauchi State Tree Planting Bill organized by the House on Committee on Forestry and Environment and presided over by the Chairman of the Committee Hon. Musa Wakili Nakwada (Bogoro Constituency) on 7th September, 2020.

The Climate Action Group Representatives led by the Bauchi State coordinator Sadiya Ibrahim Karamba, Amb. Sulaiman Ningi, Amb. Muhammad Gidado attended the public hearing and CAG recommend the Bill name to be cited as: “BAUCHI STATE GREEN, CLEAN AND SAFE HABITAT BILL” because the bill incorporates the conservation of not only the Trees but wildlife games and improved public health.

Also, recommended that laws, as follows, should be included (Areas that the law is silence On (Does Not Touch)
• Climate Change Education should be included in the curriculum of Bauchi Schools at all levels.
• Establish Environmental Clubs with the name “Climate Action” in all primary and Secondary Schools. We use football game for climate awareness among young people.
• Cleanliness of our surroundings
The cleanliness of our surroundings is our responsibility, People are more aware of not littering in public places and about waste management in general, not only when it comes to our houses but also when it comes to public places like parks, tourist attractions, markets and public toilets. Picking up the broom to clean the dirt.
• Similarly, CAG is in full support Alh. Umar Yusuf Gital Esq (Clerk of BAHA) who says” Different state laws that govern the way and manner we handle environment should be revisited (Forestry Law, BASEPA LAW, Grazing) cattle route law, wildlife law). Studied and so as to avoid overlapping and conflicting provisions.
He also cited Example with the laws that give the Local government chairman power to issue a license to fell trees. He opined that a particular provision should be reexamined amended or completely removed.

We as CAG members are with him (Clark) hundred percent that the provision of the law that gives LGA Chairman Power to issue a license to fell trees should be automatically removed.

Finally, the Chairman agreed on forming a committee with 5 Members under the leadership Speaker of the BAHA, CAG Bauchi State Coordinator, and two Representatives from Savannah Institute of Development to study the Bill so as to come up with informed suggestions.

We must save our environment so that it might in turn save us and our children.

Special thanks goes to the Chairman of this committee and his Members forgiven us these opportunities to participate in this important and historical gathering.

Thank you.
Long live CAG
Long Live Bauchi state
Long Live Nigeria.