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Article by Lana Al Daya From CAG Palestine
International day of Migratory Birds: “Bird migration is a regular seasonal movement that usually takes place north and south along the bird’s path.
The world celebrates the International Day of Migratory Birds on October 12 every year. The aim of this celebration is to increase awareness of the importance of migratory birds, their role in the ecosystem and its safety, and to highlight the need to protect birds and their habitats. it also has a role in stimulating bird watching tourism as one of the environmentally friendly activities.
These birds depend on a network of sites along their migratory routes for reproduction, feeding, rest, and wintering.
it is important to conserve migratory birds because of their great role in maintaining the ecological balance and biological diversity.
As the pollinate the flowers and contribute to the success of agriculture and also feed during their migration on 193 tons of insects.
Migratory birds are accustomed to either the daily migration, or the seasonal migration, or the seasonal migration that occurs twice a year, which is linked to tropical change with local migration, so they migrate to water places during the drought, and return to their original homes with the onset of the rainy season, crossing huge distances, up to so thousand km in a year, and some continue to fly without interruptions, for up to 100 hours, and birds course does not see the lack of food until they fly, otherwise, they will not be able to travel such distance without the necessary energy, as they work to store fat that they use as energy for the travel trip.
Migratory animals use more than one compass to determine their directions during migration, so some of them are guided by the sun during the day and the stars at night and many biologists believe that they use the Earth’s magnetic field to determine its path on cloudy days and nights.
Experiments conducted one periodic bird, homing pigeons, and water shearers proved the presence of navigation in migratory animals, as scientists hunted these birds from certain locations and took them to other areas thousands of kilometers away from their natural places, so most of them were able to return to some places that the scientists hunted.
There are some threats facing migratory birds, so we need to intensify our action to protect migratory birdlife and their habitats, including poisonous, collision with man-made things such as fish, electric poles, high glass buildings, and unsustainable use, as unsustainable agriculture affects the survival of migratory birds. Don’t just encroach on their food and shelter, but using pesticides can be dangerous and sometimes deadly to migratory birds.
The greater the awareness of these threats, the more likely it is that sufficient steps will be taken to help birds survive.
On the other hand, Palestine is considered one of the best places in the world to monitor the migration of birds due to its distinguished geographical location.
And the soaring birds use in their migration the upward warm air currents suitable for flight, as they travel distances ranging between 1000-2000 km per day.
Migratory birds are of great importance to the Palestinian environment, as these birds, especially prey, help get of carrion, eliminate insects that harm agricultural crops, and contribute to the pollination of plants.”