Article by Abeer Samhan from CAG Palestine

“Among many events around the world, World Energy Day comes to be the best conception for the whole universe because people’s needs are renewable. If we look at these needs it would be countless and at the same time an integral part of their lives. Something which must lead international organizations to invest in the resources of this energy well according to human necessities. World Energy Day celebration comes to raise awareness of the importance of energy and how the new generation should appreciate and value the energy in good aspects which convert it to real-life thoughtfully. Therefore, the gap of unawareness will be limited by the exerted efforts and activities which will be held in many countries and this must know one of his duties towards energy. The first historic celebration of WED was held is in Dubai, UAE on October 22, 2012, to discuss humanity’s sustainable future, with a message, “safe, accessible, and sustainable energy for all,”. After that, this celebration ratified to be annually by all the nations and peoples of the world at community, national and international levels by holding educational, scientific, and artistic programs everywhere to stimulate innovative ways to enhance this energy well. This will encourage individuals to have an opportunity to participate, and acquire pertinent knowledge on the industry, network with peers in the industry and identify ways to create an impact. In Palestine, the situation is different for different and special reasons because of the occupation and how it affects its people’s daily life. Specifically, in Gaza Strip, the problem is the cutout of power and it started when the occupation completely bombarded the only Power Station in Gaza Strip on June 28, 2006, and the losses have exceeded more than 6 million dollars and after partial reforms, the station services faced some shortages which can’t completely cover people’s needs. The occupation never hesitates to bombard the power station in every escalation and this impairs the power sector and services because many patients’ lives rely on the electricity, students’ needs to study, companies’ needs, and most importantly the economic sector which has the highest needs of power. All these reasons led Gazan people to innovate some new ways to survive and fill their power needs by using renewable resources of power like batteries and solar cells. The point is the energy concept becomes an integral part of our life and we have to invest this energy properly to pursue the process of awareness and expand it with new techniques and strategies and find ambassadors’ who can represent their countries. Otherwise, not all countries have the potentials to set up energetic programs and substitutional ways to overcome their daily life needs because of poverty, wars, and far-reaching. The responsibility here falls on the international organizations that call for support and aim to increase awareness of the necessity of energy for creation and human lives. From my point of view, after centuries the world potentials will change and we can’t predict what resources may stay and what may extinct. For this reason, scientific must take this into their consideration and put substitutional and permanent procedures which can help and relates to renewable energy.”